Bringing Back Reason to Conversation and AI

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by Jeroen Pluim

At Edenspiekermann, we see a very interesting future for conversational commerce. That’s why we started working together with some leading companies to explore use cases and develop real-world conversational pilots and products. The results strengthened our belief that we should accelerate our efforts in this field, and led us to broaden our focus from chatbots to conversational interfaces and, of special interest to us, cognitive services.

Right now, we see companies attempting to innovate their customer interactions by using bots. Most are starting small, arguably a wise choice. They’ll pick the low hanging fruit first by automating frequently occurring dialogues through question-and-answer services on their website, app or messaging platform (usually Facebook Messenger). Such ‘simple conversations’ are relatively easy to script and they deliver results fast. However, as soon as you want to support more complex or larger-scale interactions, things get more complicated. You need a solid platform to model, support, and analyze conversations. Traditional coding cannot deliver the speed and quality required. AI then becomes a crucial system component.

To address this, we and our partner Firmshift developed a platform for conversational commerce called This is a modular AI-powered system that delivers a solid solution for conversational commerce and interfaces. Our goal with is to make it easier to set up ‘bots’ or conversational customer journeys. Which means this platform must be able to support multi-modal integration, automated learning, multiple, and context-aware intent recognition. (By the way, don’t worry if these terms sound like techno-babble right now. Just book a Data Driven Business Design Workshop and we can quickly introduce you to this field).

Meet us at Websummit in Lisbon 6–9 November, where we’ll present our new AI product. If you can’t make it and need to know more right now, drop us a line. We’d love to get the conversation started.

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