Curated Inspiration: 3 Ways to Overcome Barriers Towards Radical Growth

By Jeroen Pluim and Ewa Piotrowska

With the technology landscape changing so quickly, opportunities for growth appear on a daily basis. However, spotting and acting on them in a way that accelerates the growth of your business is not that easy. That’s why this time we gathered inspiring articles that will help you overcome challenges that come with the implementation of digital transformation in your business.

Challenge #1: Restructuring your team

Wondering whether it’s the organizational structure that’s restricting the growth of your business? This article can help you spot the signs that it’s time to shuffle things around in your organizational design. The author outlines four main causes of impeding growth when it comes to marketing teams: gaps in the funnel, big collaboration debts, changes in the distribution model, and shifts in consumer behavior.

Reorganization is a good tool to use in order to get rid of the processes that limit your business. We ourselves are all about (and at this point experts in) breaking down silos in order to improve collaboration and exchange of information. A free flow of knowledge and a diverse team structure have proven to stimulate creativity. This also means you should attract digital talent from the new generation of marketeers to enrich your team with some fresh blood. So if your business is stagnating, then maybe modifying your organizational design is something you should consider. But remember that it’s not something you do once and are done with it forever, the key is to always keep your team structure evolving.

Challenge #2: Empowering your team with knowledge and training

When it comes to digital transformation, the technology itself shouldn’t be the only focus. Whether a transformation succeeds also depends on the processes and the mindset of your team members. If your employees still follows old schemas but working with new technology, the results of the transformation will be far from optimal.

As Colon mentions in the article, there are a couple of ways to encourage adoption on the people-side of the transformation. First, the new ways of working should be demonstrated and made visible by company leaders. Then, to speed up the acceptance among the rest of the team, arrange opportunities for your employees to gain knowledge and learn to use tools of the digital era. Only then can your team be truly agile and be able to keep up with customer needs.

Challenge #3: Getting advice on how to see the real potential of your data and content

As GDPR is approaching with big steps, there is still a lot of insecurity about the consequences the new laws will have for how businesses use data. When the laws go into effect, your company will become more accountable for how it handles people’s personal information. So, to comply with the new regulations it’s useful to hold an information audit as from May on it will be required to keep track of your processing activities. Another thing many businesses who rely on people’s personal data will have to review, is the way they seek, record, and manage consent. In many cases the consent will have to be made more explicit, so it’s smart to familiarize yourself with practices such as the ‘positive opt-in’ or granular consent.

Although some tend to see these changes as quite limiting, GDPR can also be considered an opportunity to realize the potential of your data and content. By looking into your data you can not only prepare yourself for GDPR, but also explore the potential of your data for making smarter business decisions and realizing new business solutions. Visualizing the potential of your data will help you see what would be required for putting this data into action. And if you’re not sure where to start, it’s smart to get advice from experts, especially in today’s world where making optimal use of your data is more important than ever.

Businesses that are unable to see digital transformation as a necessity and only as another buzzword, will lag behind. Going with the flow of technological changes in today’s fast paced world has become vital, so we hope these articles will help you in adopting a growth mindset. And if you’re in need of more tips on how to grow your business with innovative tech, we have more content in store for you:

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