Intern Experience: Ewa’s Tips On Creating Content

by Bernice Goudt

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As our content creation intern, Ewa posed questions to us, to clients, and even to you as a reader. But now it’s time to ask Ewa some question about her experience with us as an intern, and what she’s learned so far.

What are the three biggest things you learned during your internship?

At the beginning I definitely had to relearn some things. Doing media studies for 3 years at a university that’s well-known for its research methods conditioned me to writing in a strict, academic style. But outside of the academic world it’s not really the kind of texts people enjoy reading, so I had to let go of that and learn to write in a more reader-friendly style.

I’ve also learned to be more flexible and embrace the fact that unexpected things will happen. Projects get delayed, people get sick, clients change their mind etc. so the plan you make is never set in stone, but that’s okay. Sometimes it can even lead to better solutions.

And the third thing, I would say asking more questions. It’s not possible to know everything, that’s why when you can’t figure something out it’s better to ask for help or feedback instead of staring at a blank page the whole day. I’ve never experienced someone not wanting to help me. After all, you’re working in a team and it’s in everyone’s interest that you do well.

Was there anything that really didn’t go to plan? (And if so, what did you learn from it?)

One of the articles I’ve worked on for quite some time didn’t get published. It went through a couple of feedback rounds, but ended up not being what we wanted. It taught me that you can’t be an expert on all topics, and while you should definitely always keep learning, sometimes it’s better to kill your darling and try again next time.

What are you most proud of?

The articles I wrote that did get published, and the content and content strategy I created for MacGuffin magazine — especially because I’ve seen it’s really working. Their community is growing slowly but very steadily at the moment.

What would you say to the next content marketing intern? Is there anything they should read, do, or watch to prepare themselves?

Stay as up to date as you can with all the developments in the world of technology. Especially when it comes to social media — algorithms change on a daily basis, so it’s important to stay informed as these changes end up affecting your work. Also, be like a sponge and use the knowledge of people around you who have tons of experience. Ask what they’re listening to, watching, and reading, and if you’re lucky you might even get to borrow some stuff. Because of this I ended up reading some great books over the last couple of months, so thank you to the lovely people from Edenspiekermann Amsterdam!

What would you advise clients who want to start with content marketing?

Really look at your target group and what they’re interested in. It’s not worth investing in creating a content strategy for Instagram if your audience isn’t there. Do your research and then decide on what type of content to produce — don’t do something just because ‘everyone is doing it and it seems to be working for them’.

Can you sum up your internship in one GIF?

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We’re happy you’re staying with us to continue creating content, alongside studying for your masters. Can you tell us more about your masters studies and how you can use it to create content for our readers and clients?

Actually it was my internship that helped me decide on what I wanted to do my masters in. When I arrived at Edenspiekermann, I noticed how little I still know about other disciplines, so from September I will be studying Human Centred Multimedia at The University of Amsterdam. It’s all about how people interact with (new) technology and the ways they are supported, limited, or influenced by it. I hope this will help me look at content from a different perspective and maybe come up with new, interesting ways of presenting it.

And is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

To all future interns: At the beginning you might feel like this.

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But don’t let it discourage you. Give yourself time, ask questions and absorb as much knowledge as you can, but most importantly: enjoy the ride.

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