Me vs. We: My Relationship With Technology

Insights from Zurich at TypoTalk’s Brand Day…

Current tech brand relationships are: one-way, opportunistic, reactive, transactional, and evoke a sense of dehumanization.

If you were a brand, there’s a high chance you wouldn’t “date yourself” past the first few encounters.

Can you activate the relationship life cycle thinking through product development and service design? Yes.

  1. During my presentation in Zurich, we looked into two projects we’ve been involved in: Mercedes and Faraday Future. I demonstrated how it’s possible to transform the relationships between cars and humans, and what the consequences are for the brand as consumers switch from owning a car to having access to them.
  2. The second case was a project we’ve been working on for Novartis Alcon, showcasing how subscription-based services are changing relationships, as well as getting insights into the role brands now play. Finally, we looked at how technology changes long-term interactions with customers.
  3. The last project I walked the Brand Day audience through was a revolutionary insurance proposition I’m especially proud of. We completely terminated traditional marketing by moving it to the place it belongs: the personal space. It was too ambitious for this ensurer but there is a number of other interested in the idea.

I’m an optimist.



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