The Women in Design & Tech Leadership Forum: Quotes & Sketchnotes

Last week we hosted the Women in Design & Tech Leadership Forum, in collaboration with WebVisions. We already posted a round up of the event on our magazine, which you can find here.

Our designer Disha created a series of sketchnotes during the evening, so here, along with our favorite quotes from each speaker, is a refresh of the evening’s key points and themes.

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Marguerite Joly, Head of New Business Initiatives at Ullstein Verlag

“As a woman in a leadership position, it’s extremely important to be visible. To speak on stage, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable, and to push my team members to also speak on stages and be visible.”

“There are no women I can identify with in the ranks above me, I don’t see this things around me. As I ran out of role models, I tried to be a beacon, to be a role model myself.”

“We need a new leadership culture. You can’t have a playbook for what leadership is; part of being a leader is asking yourself what kind of leader you want to be.”

“It’s super important to talk about the fact that we’re leaders, and we have children, and we get stuff done. It’s not a women’s issue — men need to do that as well. There’s an idea that women have kids, and men have families; it’s an issue of semantics too.”

Professor Kora Kimpel, Dean of Studies for Design at UdK Berlin

“In design research, classic career paths aren’t yet established — there are many opportunities to set standards.”

“When I started my career as a professor, I had a 6 month old son. I never mentioned him at conferences or meetings, but I realized there were other women around me and so I should mention my son, because these younger women needed to realize it was possible, that they could do it to. It was necessary to be the role model.”

“I like being a role model. For me, it’s a motivation.”

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Pia Betton, Partner at Edenspiekermann

“The way leadership has been conducted in the past is not the way of the future. Values like empathy and not putting yourself first are becoming more important.”

“Design is a very adaptive industry. We’re always changing and I think that’s something women are very good at.”

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Kristina Schneider, UX and Frontend Consultant

On the startup world’s lack of structure:

“There’s no clear management, and made up job titles. It’s unhelpful when you want to negotiate and progress, and are serious about your career… There’s no clear path to the top. If I want to play by the rules, they’re not written anywhere.”

“I want to see role models who have got to the top before.”

“What can we do? Where are the male representatives of companies, and what can they do?”

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Lauren Lucchese, UX Content and Design Strategist at Capital One

“I might not always be right, but if I feel strongly and the decisions I make have justification behind them, the best thing I can do is stand up for those decisions.”

“Be honest and be kind, and that’s how you get results.”

“We need to redefine what a leader is.”

Thanks to Disha Roy for spending her evening sketching, and, of course, a big thank you to our speakers and Maren Heltsche, who led the evening.

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